Karina Alvarez

Owner & Designer

Shaina Lee Photography

Shaina Lee Photography

How did EZ-Occasions Start?

After 4 years of working for the corporate world, I realized that my entrepreneur spirit could not be contained any longer. At the time, I had 3 passions in life- my curiosity for travel, my hunger for a business venture and my love for style and event design. After weeks of thinking how to incorporate all my passions together, I decided to move to Barcelona, Spain for my Masters in Business Administration. While abroad, I had the privilege of traveling to mind-blowing places and was exposed to beauty, architecture, color, and nature. Because of that, my creativity and passion for event design were reignited. After my return to the United States, I enrolled in an intensive event design course in California. With the guidance of a family member that had experience in the event industry, and having a solid background in business, I launched EZ-Occasions.

What do you love most about your craft?

I absolutely enjoy the creativity that goes into designing proposals. I explore my visions before I come up with a design. By pairing my clients’ ideas with my design expertise, I am able to create a look that translates their lifestyles and personalities into extraordinary celebrations.


What makes EZ-Occasions unique?

My team not only focuses on providing innovative designs, but we aim to reflect our client’s personalities into our designs. I welcome my clients’ Pinterest inspirational boards but my ultimate goal is to create a design that evokes their emotions and carries lifelong memories. My extensive traveling and all the experiences that come with it not only inspired me to open EZ-Occasions, but every time I visit a new place and look at all the décor and beauty around me, I start to visualize an event come to life with all of the elements from the place. From Parisian to chic-boho, I can help you transform your celebration into one that is different, but most importantly, a celebration that reflects YOU.

Is there something unique or unusual about you that when people first hear about it, they tend to say “Wow – I didn’t know that!”?

I have visited 22 countries, lived in three, speak two languages and have consulted with international event professionals to bring my clients the innovation and experience that they deserve.

Is there something that you can’t live without?

God, family, friends, good food, traveling and wine. CHEERS!


The decor was glamorous and tasteful. Karina handled all the details from start to finish. I highly recommend this service for that added “wow” factor.

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